The Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce primary focus is the concern with the business and commercial life of the city, and it works in partnership with city government in maintaining the economic health and prosperity of the business community.

The organization works on the creation of working relationships and partnerships with its members to promote the economic growth and development in the community.

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Today's Chamber of Commerce had several predecessors in the earlier years of the city's history.  Its lineage traces back to the first Huntington Park Improvement Association, founded in 1904 by the City Fathers who subsequently founded our first School District and Incorporated the City.  The Improvement Association, after a little more than a year of existence was expanded into the Huntington Park Board of Trade.  Later, when Pacific Boulevard began to develop into a commercial street, there was the Pacific Boulevard Association.


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Board of Directors

The Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce is governed by a Board of Directors of 18 individuals that represent different businesses in the community.  The individuals are elected by the General Membership of the organization.  The elected individuals, who are considered the business leaders of the community, volunteer their time and willingly engage their business to the positive motivation of maintaining a progressive community.

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CEO Message


As the New Year begins another chapter for The Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce, we look at the future goals, vision, leadership and prosperity for the businesses at large in the community.
In gathering a group of individuals interested in the progress of the city, the conversation doesn't take much to discuss the...

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BUSINESSES Change can often prompt success in a business, community or in an individual.

In years past, change came in a moderate manner. This day of age, with the new  era of internet access, social media and other networks, change comes at a much rapid pace than expected.

In day to day functions, one must keep adapting. For some it may be a determination of survival, for others an opportunity for success, and others who may feel left aside because they simply cannot...

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