Serving you since 1906.

The Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce is governed by a Board of Directors of 13 individuals that represent different businesses in the community. The individuals are elected by the General Membership of the organization.  The elected individuals, who are considered the business leaders of the community, volunteer their time and willingly engage their business to the positive motivation of maintaining a progressive community.  

The Board of Directors meet once a month (except July and August) to discuss the operating business of the organization. The Chamber of Commerce has a professional staff that carries out the daily programs and activities as directed by the Board of Directors.

2019 Executive Officers

President Andy Molina - Southeast Churches Services Center

2nd Vice President Jose Zepeda, Jr. - El Aviso Magazine

1st Vice President- Sonia Luz - Casa Luz Restaurant

Treasurer Don Brabant - Brabant Realty & Management

Executive Director/CEO Leticia Martinez - Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce


Gilda Acosta-  St. Francis Medical Clinics

Salvador Garcia- SG Consulting

Leonardo Lopez, Jr. - Leonardo's Restaurant

Vicente Ortiz- Don Chente's Bar & Grill


Denise Campos - So. California Gas Co.

Ramon Gonzalez- Norms Restaurants

Martin Nava- NewStart Housing Corporation

Patricia Rives - Community Hospital

* Past Chamber President