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Through the organization's various sub-committees of Ambassadors, Retail Merchants, Economic Development, Legislative Affairs, By-Laws and H.P. Coordinating Council assist to facilitate the organization by providing valuable input to the Staff that will in turn be communicated to the members.


The Ambassadors serve as official hosts at any of the Chamber events, networking breakfasts, after-hour mixers, grand openings, ribbon-cutting ceremonies and downtown events.  In addition, the Ambassadors welcome new businesses and members to the Chamber of Commerce. The Ambassadors are the primary liaisons to our members, they assist the Chamber Staff with the members' needs or questions.  All submitted concerns are presented and addressed by the Chamber's Board of Directors.

Every member in good standing is welcomed to become a member of the Ambassadors Committee.


The Retail Merchants Committee meets to discuss matters and/or create programs that will help promote, strengthen and expand potential income of all businesses within the downtown area and other areas of Huntington Park.  The committee also discusses special events/activities such as sidewalk sales, downtown festivals, parade, clean-up affairs or matters that may affect small businesses or retail chain stores.

Committee members assist the Chamber staff on informing the retail businesses on activities and programs that are being presented city-wide.  They encourage businesses on the enhancements, beautification and ethical standards for their businesses.  In addition, the committee collects information and feedback through surveys and face-to-face visits with retailers.

This committee meets upon request.


The Chamber's Economic Development Committee in partnership with the Small Business Administration and the City promotes programs, services provided to individuals that would like to start a business or is currently managing to sustain.

Participates and provides insight information to various studies on major revitalization programs and/or matters that will help improve the image of the city and its business community.

The Committee also discusses and proposes programs and/or projects that will assist on educating the public in general the importance of shopping local.  In addition, supports the implementation of special events/activities that promote economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the income potential to all businesses in and around the Huntington Park area.

One of the key elements is to assist and help overcome any barriers which may prevent the promotion of business expansion and community growth.

In the effort of keeping informed, committee members attend city council meetings, budget workshops, town hall meetings and other business related seminars that provide viable information to the businesses on economic growth.

Any Chamber Member in good standing is welcomed to be a part of the committee.


Through the Legislative Affairs provides the members with an opportunity for their voices to be heard by policy makers at the City, County, State and Federal levels. The Chamber, with its members representing thousands of jobs, creates a strong voice for business for Huntington Park and the surrounding communities.

The Chamber invites the City Officials, County, State and Federal Legislators and their representatives to our annual major events, monthly networking events/activities and workshops to enhance the working relationships.  Said activities offer every Member the opportunity to ask questions or address any concerns with the city officials, and other legislators.

In addition, the Chamber maintains an open dialogue with the Public Utility Companies and Water Companies to address and listen to issues that may affect business and/or residents.

The Chamber of Commerce is proud to provide a strong and effective voice to assist on influencing the changes necessary for an improved economic prosperity for the area.


The By-Laws Committee is responsible for the official preservation and updating of the organization's By-Laws.  This committee provides communication to its members in good standing on the By-Laws including but limited to any proposed amendments as recommended by the Chamber's governing body - Board of Directors.

The committee members are established by the Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.


The Huntington Park Coordinating Council is a new subcommittee of the Chamber of Commerce.  The Coordinating Council includes representation from the various non-profit organizations based and operating in the city of Huntington Park.

The Coordinating Council members meet once a month to discuss and design an annual community-event calendar of all activities presented by the various organizations.  All committee organizations  and their members are invited to attend and support community-wide events and endeavors.  Their meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the Chamber of Commerce office.

Area non-profit organizations members of the Chamber of Commerce are welcomed to join the coordinating council.