Welcome to Huntington Park!

On behalf of the President, Board of Directors, Members and Staff we would like to officially welcome you to our City.  As CEO of the Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce, I am proud to represent one of the oldest business associations in the Southeast Los Angeles area.

Since it was established close to 112 years ago, the Chamber has been the leader in promoting our community as a business to visit, shop, live and work.

The Chamber of Commerce offers a broad range of benefits to its members from promoting their services to thousands of families in the community to presenting major events in the main shopping district.

With a focus on our community, the Chamber of Commerce every year presents the Installation Dinner Banquet and recognizes businesses with special awards.  Some of the recognitions are the Business Excellence Awards to the oldest established businesses, to the largest employers and sales tax producers in our city.  We also recognize the Outstanding Business Person of the Year and the Philanthropic Award. 

The Chamber has played a significant role in the revitalization of the downtown area – Pacific Blvd.  Known as the Heart of the City, the Chamber was instrumental on the initiative and collaboration with the city to see millions invested in the beautification and improvement.

As home to two of the largest three-day downtown festivals of Southern California, it unites the entire community, and other areas of the Los Angeles County to visit the various businesses showcasing their items at the events.

Recognized by County, State and Federal as the leading business association of the southeast Los Angeles area, the Chamber is pleased to receive numerous recognitions for its years of promoting and uniting the community in its successful events.

In looking forward to the next decades of business, the Chamber will continue to work with the City of Huntington Park, Businesses, Commercial Property Owners, Public Safety and various Non-Profit Organizations in a collaborative approach to economic growth and prosperity.  The Chamber of Commerce will continue developing and delivering programs that benefit both its members and the community at large.

Leticia Martinez

Executive Director/CEO