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What is a Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin (often abbreviated to C/O or COO) is a document used in international trade. It is a printed form, completed by the exporter or its agent and certified by an issuing body, attesting that the goods in a particular export shipment have been wholly produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.

Or in short, a Certificate of Origin (CO) is a document which is used for certification that the products exported are wholly obtained, produced or manufactured in a particular Country. It is generally an integral part of export documents.

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Chamber Official Issuer

Your Chamber of Commerce is proud to be one of the issuing agencies to officially certify Certificates of Origins to several of our manufacturing companies that export their products out of the country.


The formalization in the role of Chambers of Commerce as issuing agencies for Certificates of Origin (CO) can be traced back to the 1923 Geneva Convention relating to the Simplification of Customs Formalities (Article 11),[3] and has been reinforced with the updated Kyoto Convention. Under these Conventions, signatory governments were able to allow organizations '"which possess the necessary authority and offer the necessary guarantees" to the State to issue certificates of origin. Thus due to the widespread network of the Chamber of Commerce community, in most countries, Chambers of Commerce were seen as these organizations allowed to issue Certificates of Origin. As such, seen as "competent authorities", Chambers began to more spreadly issue non-preferential certificates of origin.

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